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Fyodor Dostoevsky
Ronald Meyer (Translator)

White Nights

White Nights


ISBN: 9780241252086

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Fyodor Dostoevsky's novell, White Nights, translated by Ronald Meyer, is a poignant tale of love, loneliness, and the yearning for connection. Set against the backdrop of St. Petersburg's luminous summer nights, the story follows a nameless narrator, a young man prone to introspection and solitude.

One evening, the narrator encounters a young woman, Nastenka, who is weeping on the bridge. He learns that she is waiting for her fiance who has promised to return after three years. Drawn to her vulnerability and yearning for love, the narrator offers her companionship and friendship.

Over the course of several nights, the narrator and Nastenka share their dreams, hopes, and fears. They wander through the city's canals and gardens, their conversations filled with a bittersweet mix of intimacy and longing. The narrator falls deeply in love with Nastenka, cherishing their fleeting moments of connection.

However, Nastenka's fiance unexpectedly returns, throwing their fragile bond into disarray. Nastenka is torn between her loyalty to the man she promised to marry and the emotional connection she has formed with the narrator.

White Nights is a meditation on the complexities of human emotions, the fleeting nature of love, and the power of human connection. Dostoevsky's masterful prose captures the beauty of St. Petersburg's white nights and the melancholic yearning of the narrator's soul.

Here are some reasons why you should read White Nights

  • A Touching Story of Love and Loneliness: Explore the profound loneliness and the desperate yearning for connection that the narrator experiences.
  • Beautiful prose: Immerse yourself in Dostoevsky's evocative descriptions of St. Petersburg's white nights, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.
  • Psychological Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of human emotions and the characters' motivations.
  • A Short But Powerful Read: Despite its brevity, White Nights packs an emotional punch, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.
  • Classic Russian Literature: Experience a foundational work by one of Russia's greatest authors.
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