Our Story

Discover the World of Books with BIBLIONEPAL!

At BIBLIONEPAL, we have a captivating tale that revolves around our love for books and the journey we've embarked on since 1999. As the online extension of Nepal Book Depot, situated in the vibrant heart of Thamel, Kathmandu, we take immense pride in our role as avid book enthusiasts, dedicated to serving the reading community of Nepal with excellence and passion.

Our Journey:
BIBLIONEPAL began as a dream to create a literary haven where people could explore a world of knowledge, imagination, and inspiration through the magic of books. Since our inception, we have been devotedly connecting readers, both locals and curious tourists, with an extensive collection of quality books, each one carefully handpicked from renowned publishers around the globe.

Exceptional Customer Experience:
Your satisfaction lies at the core of our philosophy. Our journey has been enriched by building meaningful connections with our customers through exceptional service. Our enthusiastic team takes great joy in recommending books, assisting with inquiries, and ensuring smooth order processing. Your happiness fuels our drive to continuously enhance your reading experience.

A Global Literary Voyage:
BIBLIONEPAL is much more than just an online bookstore; it is an endless voyage of literary exploration. As direct importers, we journey to far-off lands to source books that embody the essence of diverse cultures, intriguing histories, and captivating stories. We are dedicated to bringing the world's finest literary treasures to your doorstep.

Enriching the Reading Community:
We celebrate the power of the reading community that makes each book come alive with shared thoughts and boundless imaginations. BIBLIONEPAL cherishes our customers, authors, and fellow book enthusiasts whose presence illuminates our path. Together, we build a nurturing environment that fosters knowledge, creativity, and personal growth.

Explore, Engage, and Elevate:
Our story unfolds within the pages of books - each one waiting to be explored, engaged with, and cherished. BIBLIONEPAL invites you to immerse yourself in this literary adventure, where every book holds the potential to elevate your understanding, inspire your thoughts, and widen your horizons.

Thank You for Being Part of Our Story:
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our cherished readers, for joining us on this extraordinary journey. BIBLIONEPAL's story thrives because of your continuous support, trust, and love for books. Together, let's continue to kindle the magic of reading and celebrate the boundless joy that lies within every book.

Happy Reading!