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Rohini Rana

The Nepal Cookbook

The Nepal Cookbook

Penguin Random House


ISBN: 9780670099573

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Not many people are aware that a small country like Nepal is home to incredibly diverse culinary traditions. Each community in this beautiful country has nurtured a unique culinary legacy influenced by geographic and climatic conditions on one hand and their individual cultural heritage on the other. This is true of the Sherpas and the Thakalis from the Himalayan mountain ranges, the Brahman, Chetri, Gurung, Tamang, Newar and Kirati communities in the lower mountain ranges to the Tharus and the Madeshis in the Terai jungles in the south.

Rohini Rana, food connoisseur and the author of The Rana Cookbook, has travelled the length and breadth of Nepal interacting with different ethnic communities and recording in painstaking detail their recipes and knowledge of food and nutrition. The result is this remarkable book featuring a carefully curated selection of 108 recipes, each accompanied by stunning photographs. Its purpose is to offer readers a glimpse into the kaleidoscope that is Nepali cuisine. From the delicious rikikur (potato pancake) and the Newari Haans Ko Choela (barbecued tempered duck) to the lip-smacking momos, this book takes you on a captivating journey across Nepal—a journey that nourishes both your belly and your soul.

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