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Leo Tolstoy
Anthony Briggs (Translator)

War And Peace

War And Peace

Winner Of Audie Award For Literary Fiction & Classics



ISBN: 9780140447934

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Step into the opulent ballrooms of St. Petersburg in 1805, where whispers of war hang heavy in the air. A glittering society dances on the precipice, their conversations laced with nervous excitement and dread. Napoleon, the unstoppable force, is on the march, and soon terror will engulf Russia.

This is the world that awaits you in Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece, War and Peace. Prepare to be swept away by the intertwined destinies of three unforgettable characters:

  • Pierre Bezukhov: A kind-hearted but awkward soul, yearning for meaning in a world that seems superficial. A sudden inheritance thrusts him into the spotlight, but true fulfillment remains elusive.
  • Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Disillusioned with society and yearning for glory, Andrei leaves his family behind to join the fight against Napoleon. Will he find the purpose he craves amidst the chaos of war?
  • Natasha Rostov: A radiant young woman brimming with life and passion. Love, loss, and the harsh realities of war will force her to mature in ways she never imagined.

War and Peace is not just their story, but an epic tapestry woven from the lives of countless others - aristocrats and peasants, soldiers and even Napoleon himself. Tolstoy paints a vivid picture of 19th century Russia, capturing the grandeur of its society alongside the harsh realities of war and the quiet struggles of ordinary people.

This isn't just a historical novel though. Tolstoy delves into the grand themes that shape our lives - love and conflict, birth and death, the question of free will versus fate. He presents these complex ideas through unforgettable scenes, both intimate and panoramic, making them resonate with a timeless power.

Anthony Briggs's masterful translation ensures the novel remains accessible and engaging for modern readers, while preserving the essence of Tolstoy's original prose. An insightful afterword by Orlando Figes sheds light on the novel's vast scope and its exploration of Russian identity. Appendices, notes, and character lists provide additional context, making this edition the perfect companion for your journey into the heart of War and Peace.

So, are you ready to be captivated by a story that transcends time and place? War and Peace awaits.

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