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Juman Malouf

The Trilogy of Two

The Trilogy of Two

ISBN: 9781782692041

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'Full of inventiveness... vivid and attractive' Philip Pullman

If they lose each other
They lose themselves

Identical twins Sonja and Charlotte, twelve-year-old musical prodigies, learned to play before they learned to talk. They were born on All-Hallows-Eve and found one night by Tatty, the Tattooed Lady, in a pail on her doorstep with only a short note and a heart-shaped locket. They have been with her ever since, roaming the Outskirts with the circus company in a convoy of caravans, moving from place to place.

Lately, mysterious things have begun to happen when the girls pick up their instruments. Movements, vibrations, changes in the weather. They begin to discover that they possess extraordinary powers. During one of their performances, they unintentionally levitate the entire audience - and word gets out. Soon, a troop of Enforcers from the city comes after them, and Charlotte and Sonja must embark on a perilous journey through enchanted lands in hopes of unlocking the secrets of their mysterious past.
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