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Lauren Roberts





ISBN: 9781398535732

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In Powerful, a novella by Lauren Roberts, we revisit the brutal world of Loot introduced in her bestselling novel Powerless. This time, the story centers on Adena, a brave young woman living in the slums. Her world crumbles when her inseparable friend Paedyn, an Ordinary with no powers, is chosen for the Purging Trials, a fight to the death. Determined to save Paedyn, Adena gets caught stealing and faces punishment. Enter Mak, a mysterious Elite with a hidden past and a secret power, who rescues her.

Together, Adena and Mak embark on a dangerous quest to see Paedyn before the Trials. Their journey will test their loyalty, love, and their very survival. As they navigate the harsh realities of Loot, Adena must confront her own strength and resourcefulness.

Why you should read Powerful:

  • A gripping companion story: Even if you haven't read Powerless, this novella offers a thrilling adventure set in a captivating dystopian world.
  • Focus on a fan favorite: Readers who loved Adena in Powerless will get an entire story from her perspective, delving deeper into her character and motivations.
  • Undying friendship: The powerful bond between Adena and Paedyn is a central theme, showcasing the lengths we go to for those we love.
  • Unraveling a secret past: Mak's enigmatic character and hidden power add intrigue to the story.
  • A world of brutal realities: The harshness of Loot and the cruelty of the Purging Trials create a suspenseful and thought-provoking backdrop.
  • A taste of what's to come: The novella includes a special extended teaser for Reckless, the sequel to Powerless, leaving you eager for more.

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