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The Supreme Doctrine

The Supreme Doctrine


ISBN: 9788184953527

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The Upanishads can be read today as contemporary sources of wisdom,despite being many thousands of years old. They are directtransmissions of truth and truth is eternal, above religious dogmaand tradition but because of their antiquity, they can appearcloaked in a mysterious language, which can be hard to understand.Osho, with his fresh and sometimes irreverent approach, brings theKenopanishad up-to-date. Because Osho can so easily go beyond the intellect, hispresentation of this ancient treatise is unlike anything comingfrom the academic world. For those familiar with exploring ideasthrough the intellect, this book could be an ideal way to discoverwhat they have been missing. One can open the book to almost anypage and be astonished by the brilliance of the insights. 

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