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Bhikkhu Ñanamoli

The Life of the Buddha

The Life of the Buddha


ISBN: 9789392217340

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Get up. Go to work. Report on a few news stories. Here and Walking Beside the Buddha


This unique biography presents the Buddha’s revolutionary solution for humanity that leads to the end of ill will, craving and delusion. Though born a prince surrounded by luxuries, Gotama the Buddha was transformed by realizing that no one escapes unhappiness. He spent the remainder of his life discovering, then imparting, the answer to the great question: “Is there a way out of the cycle of suffering?”

Drawn from the oldest written record, the vivid recollections of his attendant Ananda and other disciples bring us into the presence of “the awakened one.” The Life of the Buddha not only demonstrates how to walk on the path to freedom; it offers profound inspiration and guidance for doing so.

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