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Sophie Cousens

The Just Haven't Met You Yet

The Just Haven't Met You Yet

ISBN: 9781787466814

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Tell me the story of how you two met...

Laura spends her life asking couples the all-important question and she has built a career out of finding the most epic love stories for her column on relationships.

The trouble is that Laura has never had her own meet-cute. Thirty years old and single, she is starting to wonder if she'll every have her sliding doors moment.

So when Laura picks up the wrong suitcase at the airport on a work trip to the Channel Islands, she gets the sign she has always dreamed of.

From the sheet-music to the battered copy of her favourite book, Laura finds evidence of every quality she could ever hope for in a partner. She knows it's crazy, but she cant help but think that the owner of the suitcase might really be the man of her dreams.

If Laura job has taught her anything, it's that when it comes to love, you can't just let opportunity pass you by. She must make it her mission to return the suitcase, and maybe, finally find the one.
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