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Mitch Albom

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Brown Book Group

ISBN: 9780751536140


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The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a poignant novel that explores the afterlife and the interconnectedness of human lives. The story follows Eddie, a war veteran and amusement park maintenance worker, who dies saving a young girl. In heaven, Eddie meets five people whose lives were intertwined with his in unexpected ways. Through these encounters, he learns profound lessons about the meaning of his life and the impact he had on others.

Why You Should Read This Book

  • Reflect on the interconnectedness of human lives.
  • Explore profound lessons about life's meaning and purpose.
  • Experience a heartwarming and thought-provoking narrative.
  • Appreciate Albom's engaging and emotionally resonant storytelling.

About the Author

 Mitch Albom is an American author, journalist, and screenwriter known for his inspirational and thought-provoking works. His books, including "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," have touched the hearts of millions and have been translated into numerous languages. Albom's storytelling often explores themes of mortality, meaning, and the human spirit.

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