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Rajasree Variyar

From the winner of second prize in the Shooter Literary Magazine short story competition

The Daughters of Madurai

The Daughters of Madurai

ISBN: 9781398707276

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Perfect for fans of Christy Lefteri and Delia Owens, The Daughters of Madurai is a moving and powerful debut. How far would you go for the ones you love?

'Oh my goodness. If I could give this book 6 stars out of 5 I would'

'One of those books that will stay with me for years and decades to come...'

'Grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go!'

'A joy to read'


*** 'A girl is a burden. A girl is a curse.'

Madurai, 1992.
 A young mother in a poor family, Janani is told she is useless if she can't produce a son - or worse, bears daughters. They let her keep her first baby girl, but the rest are taken away as soon as they are born - murdered before they have a chance to live. The fate of her children has never been in her hands. But Janani can't forget the daughters she was never allowed to love.

Sydney, 2019. Nila has a secret, one she's been keeping from her parents for far too long. Before she can say anything, her grandfather in India falls ill and she agrees to join her parents on a trip to Madurai - the first in over ten years. Growing up in Australia, Nila knows very little about where she or her family came from, or who they left behind. What she's about to learn will change her forever...

Perfect for fans of Christy Lefteri and Delia Owens, The Daughters of Madurai is a moving and powerful debut from an unforgettable new voice.


Readers are loving The Daughters of Madurai!


'Absolutely beautiful. Brilliantly constructed characters that do the critical topic the book focuses on justice'

'Wow what an emotional rollercoaster! This book gripped me with its poignant story and I sobbed multiple times'

'A heart wrenching and moving story that I could not put down until I got to the end'

'A definite must read'

'A captivating and riveting debut from an unforgettable new voice' LOUISE O'NEILL 'A haunting, powerful novel' THRITY UMRIGAR

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