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Franz Kafka
Edwin Muir (Translator)

The Complete Novels

The Complete Novels

Penguin Random House


ISBN: 9780099518440

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The Complete Novels by Franz Kafka, translated by Edwin Muir, is a collection of all the novella-length works written by the influential early 20th-century author Franz Kafka. Kafka is best known for his short stories, particularly The Metamorphosis, but his novels are also considered significant works of modernist literature.

The collection includes:

  • The Trial
    - This unfinished novel follows Josef K., a bank employee who is inexplicably arrested and prosecuted by a shadowy authority figure. The Trial explores themes of alienation, bureaucracy, and the absurdity of existence.
  • The Castle
    - Another unfinished novel, The Castle tells the story of K., a land surveyor who arrives in a mysterious village and attempts to gain permission from the castle authorities to live and work there. The Castle explores themes of power, isolation, and the search for meaning.
  • Amerika
    - Also known as The Man Who Disappeared, Amerika is an unfinished novel about Karl Rossmann, a young man who is sent to America after being seduced by a maid. The novel is a picaresque coming-of-age story that explores themes of immigration, identity, and the American Dream.

Why You Should Read The Complete Novels by Franz Kafka

  • Influential Works of Modernist Literature: Kafka's novels are considered classics of modernist literature, and they have had a profound impact on writers around the world.
  • Explore Profound Themes: Kafka's works grapple with profound themes such as alienation, bureaucracy, existentialism, and the search for meaning.
  • Beautifully Written Prose: Despite the dark subject matter, Kafka's writing is known for its clarity, precision, and beauty.
  • A Timeless Voice: Kafka's novels continue to resonate with readers today, as they offer insights into the human condition that remain relevant in our modern world.

A Note on Translation

There are many different translations of Kafka's works available, and Edwin Muir's translation is considered one of the most respected. Muir was a Scottish poet and translator who was able to capture the essence of Kafka's unique prose style.

If you're interested in learning more about Franz Kafka and his work, The Complete Novels by Franz Kafka is a great place to start.

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