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Eva Rudy Jansen

The Book of Buddhas: Ritual Symbolism Used on Buddhist Statuary and Ritual Object

The Book of Buddhas: Ritual Symbolism Used on Buddhist Statuary and Ritual Object


ISBN: 9788178220550

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Modern students who are drawn to the study and practice of Buddhism are not always able to easily learn the symbolic meaning of the various types of statuary connected to the study of this philosophy. In Buddhism, every symbol has a meaning, and this book explores the symbolism of the ritual objects that are used on statues and painting, as well as explaining the ritual meaning of the objects associated with Buddhism. This book serves as an introduction for Western students. it is not a comprehensive and exhausting study, but provides an introduction to Buddhism itself, as well as a generous survey of the most common figures and symbols. The author examines the Three Mysteries, mudras, asanas, Manushri Buddhas, Transcendental Buddhas, Adibuddha, Tara, Manjushri and Avalokiteshvara. Aslo discussed is Yidams, Gods and goddesses, dakinis and yoginis, and Laughing Buddha.

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