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Stefan Zweig
Anthea Bell (Translator)

Shooting Stars: Ten Historical Miniatures

Shooting Stars: Ten Historical Miniatures

Penguin Random House

ISBN: 9781782270508

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Ten turning points in history, vividly sketched by the great Stefan Zweig

One of the twentieth century's great humanists and a hugely popular fiction writer, Stefan Zweig's historical works bring the past to life in brilliant Technicolor. This collection contains ten typically breathless and erudite dramatizations of some of the most tense and important episodes in human history.

From General Grouchy's failure to intervene at Waterloo, to the miraculous resurrection of George Frideric Handel, this, Stefan Zweig's selection of historical turning points, newly translated by Anthea Bell, is idiosyncratic, fascinating and as always hugely readable.

'Gems of literary perfection. I felt I had seldom read such lucid, liquid prose' Simon Winchester

The perfect stocking-filler for the Europhile in your life' Philosophy Football

'Shooting Stars forms part of an ambitious project by Pushkin Press to bring Zweig's work to the attention of the English-reading public, an enterprise that has been entirely successful. Zweigmania seems to break out with the publication of each book, with readers discovering his work by word-of-mouth and by accident.' Guardian

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