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F Max Muller



ISBN: 9789358563177

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Delve into the wonders of ancient Indian philosophical wisdom with this meticulously curated book on Ramakrishna, a renowned Indian mystic by the well-known author Max Muller. This captivating book delves deeply into the life, works, teachings, and philosophical insights of Ramakrishna. This book is authored with a scholarly approach to Ramakrishna's interaction with his disciples, and an emphasis on the depth and relevance of his spiritual teachings, making it a must-buy for seekers of spiritual wisdom.

A must-have book for spiritual insights and enlightenment!

Delves into the spiritual practices and traditions that shaped Ramakrishna's life. Offers philosophical teachings. Ideal for readers seeking spirituality. Comprehensive exploration of Ramakrishna's life and saying. Inspirational book with ancient wisdom.

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