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Philosophia Perrenis Series 1: Osho on Pythagoras

Philosophia Perrenis Series 1: Osho on Pythagoras


ISBN: 9780143441465

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In Philosophia Perennis, series 1, the perennial philosophy, the timeless laws of existence-Osho speaks on the ancient but little-known teachings of Pythagoras, his Golden Verses. Pythagoras' name is primarily associated with mathematics, but here we have a different picture: Pythagoras as the explorer of inner consciousness as well as of the outer world; a synthesis between the rational West and the mystic East, who taught both religion and science in his mystery school.
Not only does Osho introduce the reader to the wisdom of Pythagoras, he also includes a discourse on the two laws of Pythagoras-necessity and power. Osho brings his insight to topics such as politics, love and meditation, obedience and surrender

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