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Ali Hazelwood

Loathe To Love You

Loathe To Love You


ISBN: 9781408726778

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Sure, Loathe to Love You is a contemporary romance novel written by Ali Hazelwood, who is also the bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis. The story follows the journey of Melody Joo, a quirky, ambitious, and hard-working graduate student who dreams of becoming a video game designer. Melody has always had a strained relationship with her neighbor and childhood nemesis, the charming but cocky, intimidating, and annoyingly hot professor, Ethan Park. However, when Melody unexpectedly lands her dream internship at a gaming company, she realizes that Ethan is also working there as a consultant, and they are forced to work together.

As they spend more time together, Melody and Ethan's relationship begins to change, and they start to see each other in a new light. However, they are both dealing with personal issues that threaten to derail their growing attraction. Melody is struggling with impostor syndrome and the pressure to succeed in a male-dominated industry, while Ethan is trying to come to terms with his complicated family history.

Loathe to Love You is a witty, heartwarming, and steamy enemies-to-lovers romance that explores themes of self-discovery, ambition, and overcoming personal obstacles. It's a story about two people who learn to let go of their past grievances and find love and acceptance in unexpected places.

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