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Sidney Sheldon

If Tomorrow Comes

If Tomorrow Comes


ISBN: 9788172234881

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If Tomorrow Comes is the story of Tracy Whitney, a young girl living a seemingly perfect life. Blessed with beauty and intelligence, Tracy works as a computer operator for a bank. She is all set to marry the love of her life and step into a wealthy, glamorous world.

One simple conversation later, her idyllic existence stands shattered and her innocence lost forever. Framed by the mafia and cruelly deserted by her love, she ends up in prison. There she is subjected to extremes of violence and sexual harassment. Tracy vows to avenge the destruction of her life at any cost. Rising from her ordeal like a phoenix, she is strengthened by a hatred for her enemies and a thirst for revenge.

She begins her life anew as a con artist. From London to Paris, from Madrid to Amsterdam, Tracy’s cons take her all over Europe. While remaining elusive herself, she cunningly pits her enemies against each other, beating them at their own game. Only two people seem to be capable of matching Tracy’s brilliance - a conman named Jeff Stevens and an insurance investigator named Daniel Cooper.

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