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Christopher Hadnagy
Seth Schulman

Human Hacking

Human Hacking

ISBN: 9780063001787

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Eroding social conventions, technology, and rapid economic change are making human beings more stressed and socially awkward and isolated than ever. We live in our own bubbles, reluctant to connect, and feeling increasingly powerless, insecure, and apprehensive when communicating with others.

A pioneer in the field of social engineering and a master hacker, Christopher Hadnagy specializes in understanding how malicious attackers exploit principles of human communication to access information and resources through manipulation and deceit. Now, he shows you how to use social engineering as a force for good?to help you regain your confidence and control. Human Hacking provides tools that will help you establish rapport with strangers, use body language and verbal cues to your advantage, steer conversations and influence other?s decisions, and protect yourself from manipulators. Ultimately, you?ll become far more self-aware about how you?re presenting yourself?and able to use it to improve your life. 

Hadnagy includes lessons and interactive ?missions??exercises spread throughout the book to help you learn the skills, practice them, and master them. With Human Hacking, you?ll soon be winning friends, influencing people, and achieving your goals.

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