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Leil Lowndes

How to Feel Confident: Simple Tools for Instant Confidence

How to Feel Confident: Simple Tools for Instant Confidence

ISBN: 9780008387044

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Learn how to feel completely at ease in any social situation, with this lively and empowering book from internationally-renowned relationships expert Leil Lowdnes.Whether it's mingling at parties, impressing at interviews or going on a hot date, Leil will turn your shyness and dread into confidence and enjoyment.Written with insight, humour and empathy, this book explores the psychology behind meeting people, the tricks people use to seem self-assured, as well as little tips and techniques to practice every day. Leil explains how to:Identify the reasons behind shyness - and address themOvercome awkwardness at social gatheringsMaster public speakingCommunicate fluidlyBanish fear to build fulfilling relationshipsHow To Feel Confident was previously published as Always In The Kitchen At Parties.
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