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Krishna Sivaraman

Hindu Spirituality (Vol. 1): Vedas Through Vedanta

Hindu Spirituality (Vol. 1): Vedas Through Vedanta


ISBN: 9788120812543

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The Present volume is part of a series entitled World Spirituality: An Encyclopedic History of the Religious Quest, which seeks to present the spritual wisdom of the human race in its historical unfolding. Drawing upon the highest level of scholarship around the world, the volume gathers togethers and presents the richness of the spiritual heritage of the human race, It is designed to reflect the autonomy of the tradition in the historical development. This volume presents the eternal, thielen dimensions of Hinduism. The articles included in this volume are discussed under different eight parts. Each put contains number of articles devoted to the theme of the individual part. These are (1) The Vedic Spirit, (2) The Spiritual Harizon of Dharma, (3) The Sraname Spirituality, (4) The Spiritual Quest for Innortatity and freedom, (5) Vedanta as Reflective Spirituality, (6) Vedanta as Devotion, (7) Spirituality and Human life , (8) Contemporary Expressions of the Classical spirit.

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