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Steven Schuster

Habits of a Millionaire Mind : Change Your Mindset and Live in Prosperity

Habits of a Millionaire Mind : Change Your Mindset and Live in Prosperity


ISBN: 9789389305616

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Do you struggle with self-motivation? Do you feel like a bystander of your life, unable to achieve anything you want? Most of your life is determined by your habits. Therefore improving your habits has one of the greatest life-changing impacts. Learning the habits in this book might be the only difference standing between millionaires and you. Your bad habits hinder you from the life you desire. They endanger everything you value and hold dear: health, wealth, relationships, and your peace of mind. You want better habits and you want to smash bad, toxic ones. How do you do this? Habits are not unchangeable. You learned the old habits, therefore you can learn new, better habits to replace those harmful behaviors that cause you pain and unfulfillment. If you wonder how did the most successful people on Earth earn the title, this book is here to answer you. Find out what mindset mistakes are responsible for your unfulfillment and learn to act against them consciously. -Would you like to become more productive? -Would you like to deal better with the most important aspects of your life: relationships, health, and business? -Would you like to sleep with peace of mind? -Would you like to worry less and enjoy life more? -Do you crave financial freedom? Habits Of A Millionaire Mind will show you how many unexplored opportunities you have in life. Build confidence, find happiness and achieve a success you could only dream before. Don't forget - advice is only valuable as far as you implement it. Take action to adopt the habits of millionaires. -Utilize the life-changing power of habit to your complete advantage -Change your scarcity mindset into growth mindset -Rock up your financial life from paying off your debt to becoming a "real deal" -Learn to accept abundance in your life Become the best possible version of yourself. -Ditch your old, withholding habits to new, prospering ones -Learn what are the best 3 mindsets, which keep you focused, calm and attentive all the time. -Become a better person Reading this book you'll learn to think quicker and more effectively, make better decisions, and organize your financial life. Your new mindset will channel wealth, health, and abundance in your life. Your relationships will improve, your money worries will decrease. 

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