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Greatest Russian Stories

Greatest Russian Stories


ISBN: 9789354405822

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“Everything is subordinated to two main requirements—humanitarian ideals and fidelity to life. This is the secret of the marvellous simplicity of Russian literary art.” —Thomas Seltzer
When the greatest writers of Russia penned stories, they created iconic works that were not just centred in their own country but spoke of something universal in nature. This is why people still partake in the simple delights of Russian fiction. From stories addressing love, human welfare, political turmoil, to the struggle of common man and class issues, this is art that moves, inspires, and closely mirrors life itself.
This collection is a treasure trove that holds the greatest stories of the most celebrated writers of Russian and world literature, including Alexander Pushkin’s ‘The Queen of Spades’, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s ‘White Nights’, Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Lady with the Dog’ and ‘The Bet’, Tolstoy’s ‘How Much Land Does a Man Need’ and ‘Where Love Is There God Is Also’, and many more.
This classic collection of stories is a must-have for all! It offers:
  • Great insights into the Russian culture and literature
  • It will cater to the curious minds and keep them hooked for hours
  • The book introduces some of the most celebrated writer’s literary works
  • A wide range of stories covering different themes and topics
  • It is the perfect collectable for libraries and gifting

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