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Mick Conefrey




ISBN: 9781805463078

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Unveiling the Enigma: The True Story of George Mallory and Everest

For decades, George Mallory has been an icon – the Galahad of Everest, a symbol of daring exploration who vanished near the summit in 1924. But beyond the legend lies a complex and captivating man, a story waiting to be untangled.

Fallen delves into the true George Mallory, a charismatic figure who was both hero and enigma. Handsome, athletic, and a skilled climber, Mallory captivated the public and his peers alike. He was a man of contradictions – a skilled mountaineer who pushed boundaries, yet a risk-taker who endangered others. A committed socialist with friends from the Bloomsbury Group, he also possessed a chaotic streak, constantly losing equipment and defying technological advancements.

The Shadow of Everest

This gripping biography goes beyond the mythologized Mallory. It explores the darkness that cast a long shadow over his triumphs. The 1922 expedition, forever stained by the deaths of porters, raises troubling questions about Mallory's leadership. The tragedy of his young climbing partner, Andrew Irvine, in 1924, adds another layer of complexity.

The Climb to Truth

Fallen is a meticulously researched journey. Using personal diaries, letters, memoirs, and a wealth of historical documents, the author meticulously reconstructs Mallory's final expedition. This isn't just a story of a climb gone wrong; it's a forensic investigation that separates the man from the myth.

Beyond the Summit

The most enduring question remains: Did Mallory conquer Everest? Fallen explores this enduring mystery, but the true reward lies in uncovering the man himself. Who was George Mallory, the man who risked it all on the slopes of the world's highest mountain? Why did he return, defying his own principles and risking his life?

Fallen is an essential read for anyone captivated by Everest, exploration, and the enduring power of human ambition. It's a story that will challenge your preconceptions and leave you with a deeper understanding of the enigmatic George Mallory.

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