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Bear Grylls

Facing Up: A Remarkable Journey to the Summit of Mount Everest

Facing Up: A Remarkable Journey to the Summit of Mount Everest

ISBN: 9780330392266

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"No Western climber or even any Sherpas had been this high, so far this year. We were treading on virgin territory on the ever-changing surface of the glacier. The excitement welled up, and I felt strong. Here I was with those I knew so well, alone and isolated in the rawness and wonder of nature; and it made me feel good."

Facing Up tells the remarkable story of Bear Grylls' ascent of Everest, making him, at the age of 23, the youngest British climber to survive the adventure. Bear is at sometimes quirky and at others reflexive in his account of his months on Everest. "Nobody minds pain occasionally, but the prospect of being at my wit's end for the next two months terrifies me".

Bear battles against all the odds in the pursuit of his childhood dream--to stand on the summit of the world. Somewhat akin to an emotional roller coaster, Bear shares his elation and his despair, from standing on the summit, to swinging precariously in a crevasse in the Icefall. We are witness to the loss off hope being swept aside by grim determination and a restored faith; the pain and discomfort are quashed by his spirit, sense of humour and eccentricity.

Written in an amazingly personable style, incorporating extracts from his diary and select photos from his expedition, Facing Up takes you every extraordinary step of the way. This book is a must for climbers and adventurers everywhere; a remarkable tale.

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