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Vijay Thakkar

Eating Less is Making You Fat: How to Lose Weight Without Starving - With a foreword by Hrithik Roshan

Eating Less is Making You Fat: How to Lose Weight Without Starving - With a foreword by Hrithik Roshan


ISBN: 9789393701558

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In this seminal take on well-being and fitness, celebrity health coach and functional medicine expert Vijay Thakkar presents his trademarked four-step formula for weight loss. He builds on years of research and personal history to dispel misinformation about nutrition, calorie-deficit diets, metabolism and how hunger and satiety work.

Backing his theories with science and data, Vijay traces the origins of diabetes and heart diseases, conditions that are gaining ground among the young and seemingly fit. He explains how stress, exercise and the quality of food impact hormones; simplifies the science behind low-carb diets and intermittent fasting; and offers sustainable methods to maintain optimal weight and lifelong health. While addressing common dietary and fitness queries, this groundbreaking manual also proposes easy-to-follow lifestyle tips, wholesome recipes and effective workouts to guide the reader through the fog surrounding weight management.

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