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Kelly Howell Michael Gelb

Brain Power: Unleash The Power Of Your Mind by Kelly Howell Michael Gelb

Brain Power: Unleash The Power Of Your Mind by Kelly Howell Michael Gelb

ISBN: 9789388423328

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Foreword by international bestselling author Tony Buzan unleash the power of your mind the latest brain research turned into practical strategies for maintaining and building your mindset capacity virtually everyone fears mental deterioration. But in the past thirty years, neuroscience have discovered that the brain is actually designed to improve throughout life. How can you encourage this improvement Brain power shares practical answers in this inspiring, fun-to-read plan for action. The authors have interviewed physicians, gerontologists and neuroscience; studied the habits of men and women who epitomize healthy aging; and applied what they describe in their own lives. The resulting guidance can help you activate unused brain areas, tone mental muscles and enliven every faculty.

Michael J. Gelb is the pre-eminent authority on the application of genius thinking and a pioneer in the fields of creative thinking, accelerated learning and innovative leadership. He is the author of the bestseller how to think like Leonardo da Vinci. Kelly Howell, creator of brain sync, is the world's leading authority on brainwave audio technology. She is renowned for her revolutionary work in meditation and mind expansion.

"A blueprint to optimize your brain and improve the rest of your life." - Daniel G Amen, MD, author of change your brain, change your life. 

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