Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human"

Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human"

At BIBLIONEPAL, we strive to provide our readers with a diverse range of books that cater to various interests and tastes. One such book that has been highly requested on our website is Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human." This classic Japanese novel, first published in 1948, continues to capture the imagination of readers worldwide with its timeless themes and powerful storytelling.

Why You Should Read "No Longer Human" :

Masterful storytelling: Osamu Dazai's writing is known for its poetic and evocative prose, and "No Longer Human" is no exception. The story is told through the eyes of the protagonist, Yozo Oba, who struggles to find his place in society. Dazai's portrayal of Yozo's internal turmoil and his journey of self-discovery will keep you captivated from the first page to the last.

Exploration of human nature: "No Longer Human" delves deep into the complexities of human nature, with themes like alienation, the search for identity, and the struggle for meaning in life. The novel invites readers to reflect on their own lives and relationships, as well as society's expectations and norms.

A powerful portrayal of mental health: The book provides a raw and honest portrayal of Yozo's battle with depression and anxiety, making it an important read for those interested in understanding mental health issues. Although the novel was written more than seven decades ago, its insights into mental health remain relevant today.

Cultural significance: As one of Japan's most celebrated literary works, "No Longer Human" offers readers a glimpse into Japanese culture and history. It is an essential read for anyone interested in Japanese literature or looking to expand their reading horizons.

Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human" is a must-read for anyone seeking to explore the depths of human nature and the complexities of the human psyche. Its timeless themes and captivating narrative will leave a lasting impact on readers and spark important conversations about mental health, identity, and the human experience.

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[No Longer Human]

This book is a telltale of innermost feelings and sentiments of a Man who has lost all his will to live a life as a HUMAN, his attempt at trying to find a meaning of his existence as well as semblance, and attempts at taking his own life. OSAMU DAZAI might be well known for his anime Bungou Stray Dogs, and other work of arts, novels, etc., but his semi-autobiographical exploits described in this book as drunkard, clown, philosopher, person suffering from strong desire to kill oneself, various attempts at self-harm, adultery, extramarital affairs, sexual tension, drug addict, etc. made me lose myself in deep thought, anxious and empty shell.

The readers of this depressing yet beautiful and thought provoking telltale keep wondering what is it about our human life; that some find it worth living, and some find it strenuous task to seek ways of ending a life. The build-up, plot progression and storytelling style as notebook/ diary entry is experimental, yet subtle read.

Why is it that a constant urge and thought to kill oneself; and lose a precious gift given by God heckle man? Why is it that a man despite having been in marital bliss, seek respite and sexual favors in extramarital relationship? Why is it that a man commit himself to destroy oneself – emotionally, physically, mentally and socially? Why is it that a man is unable to seek joys, happiness and pursuit of finding oneself (and a reason to live)? Why is it that a man is hellbent on inflicting damage, scars, and eternal pains upon oneself? Why is it that a man is unable to see that there are few, limited souls around him who keep his wellbeing, sanity and happiness in their good hearts? Why is it that a man fails to see that there are always limited ones who truly, deeply, madly care about and look out for himself? Why is it than a man at times, utterly fails to find a meaningful purpose of his existence?

The answers of these questions can be answered by depressed, sad and scarred soul of the man Dazai himself; but alas! we do not have channel to consult with his soul.

As one keeps reading this title, a thought pops up in mind as to why people in Japan; despite having beautiful, peaceful and disciplined socio-cultural norms and order; is crippled by depressed, condemned, grievous soul. I have heard plethora of stories about the suicide forest, people attempting to and succeeding in killing themselves, and losing a grip over socio-cultural sanity over the times there. As my bookish friend believed once; such melancholic depression might have to do with the after-effects of devastating war, disaster and conflicts; experienced by this land over the decades.

Also; Dazai’s thoughts concerning crimes, society, human nature and relationship dynamics at times; hit us spot on. We are left to ponder bout the meaning and purpose of society, our train of thoughts, emotions and remarks; as well as attempt at finding (and losing) oneself. We connect to the way how we, humans, shows our true colors and natures, when we are at peak emotions. Dazai seems to be torn between two complex emotions and personality; between extreme vices and extreme good of human activities, behavior and perception. One thing about the character and writer that intrigues me is how one doesn’t want to be a burden on others, with responsibilities. Another thing worth mentioning here is the concern over our sanity and insanity; blend of good and bad in person; as well as many ups and downs in our life journey.

As reader; I immensely feel that this book should be read to know about variance of human emotions, thoughts and actions. This book makes readers thing about the meaning and purpose of their existence. There should also be a reminder that this book is not for everyone (especly. those with faint heart). Dazai himself is complicated character and personality; who tried to find a reason to exist; despite his attempts at self-harm and injury. There are several lines; in the book that intrigues and appeals the readers; all the while, making them contemplate about their life, ego, attitude and perspective towards life.

Throught reading dutation , I felt a combo of multi-variegated sensation like fury , envy , sadness, grief, love and pity towards the character -- all at the same time ! Not to forget the confusion whether to consider the character ( and Dazai) himself whether as sane or insane personality. Another point to touch here is melange of sentimental – philosophical upheavel upon reading this semi – autobio creation ..

This book is out of print and thus, is rare quest to find… I didn`t find any new edition and publication of this book since 1958 ( by New Directions Paperback) . The search for this title was strenuous ; and at time ; had contemplated whether by printing book in nearby computer centre ; was breaking the copyrights code.

I mostly read this book ( pirated copy) after searching the book and hearing about the trials and tribulations faced by Dazai due to his ultra sensitive and introverted nature and real attempts at throwing his life away ; not to forget his adultery as well. THIS IS BRUTALLY SERIOUS , UN-NERVING AND SWERVING READ AS WELL AS THOUGHT-PROVOKING in totality.

There is also a 2019 movie going by same name- ‘No Longer Human’; and manga adaptation ( Japanese style comic) . Also; bits and pieces of Dazai`s reflection are encapsulated in his anime / manga Bongou Stray Dogs …

Re-reading this autobiographical – style novel reminds me how complex is human behaviour and thinking approach ; that they can show multi-varieted personalities , attitudes and presentation of themselves. This also reminded me of all those souls such as Robin Williams, Jason David Frank, SSR, Kurt Coban, Maryilyn Monroe, Chester Bennington, …etc. All the hapoy jolly faces may not be truly , deeply and genuinely happy IRL; but opt to wear invisible masks.*
Prabin Dhungel

Thank you Nimesh C. for sharing your powerful thoughts! We’re thrilled that ‘No Longer Human’ resonated with you. Happy reading!📚✨


I recently read “No longer Human”, and man I have to say it’s a doozy. The book is bleak not in the traditional sense of the word, but in its depiction of loneliness of a human being that’s all too familiar. We all have been where Yozo has been but Dazai puts those feeling into words. Ironically, to me at least, the book titled no longer human is perhaps the most accurate and haunting portrayal of what being a human is like. 10/10, strongly recommend.

Nimesh C.

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