Welcome Reader, Here’s our way of saying thank you for shopping with us! You can now earn xCLusive Points every time you shop with BIBLIONEPAL .

Here’s how you can earn xCLusive Points :

  • Complete Your Profile, i.e Become BIBLIONEPAL Member

  • Place an Order Online from official BIBLIONEPAL Website

Note : Rs.1.00 Ordered = 2 xCLusive Point
Points earned can be redeemed while placing an order on the Website.

Access the details of your xCLusive Points from the bottom left corner reward tap on the website.

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What are BIBLIONEPAL xCLusive Points?

xCLusive Points are a special way of saying thanks for shopping with us! It is an extra benefit that we provide to you every time you shop on the Website . The xCLusive Points, can be redeemed on your future orders. Your xCLusive Points will be sent to you in the form of a gift card. Each gift card comes with a Code ( Number + Alphabets ) , and has an expiry date.

How to earn xCLusive Points?

Earn by Completing Your Profile First you have create an account and completing your profile. You'll also get an extra special points on your birthday or any other special days. To complete your profile, go to your Profile in the "My Account" section and enter your details. Earn on Every Books Order Now earn xCLusive Points every time you shop on the Website ! Use prepaid options like Esewa, Khalti or Mobile Banking to earn Extra xCLusive Points. The xCLusive Points will be credited to you within 24 hours of delivery of your books.

How to redeem xCLusive Points?

You can redeem xCLusive Points only while placing an order on the BIBLIONEPAL Website. Process: You can redeem your points while placing an order on the Website. During the checkout process you need to select ‘Coupon Codes and enter the code from the email that would have been sent to your registered email id/ or from the reward tab or the SMS sent to your registered mobile number, and then proceed to place the order.
You can redeem: On All Books Available on BIBLIONEPAL Webstore Note: 1 Rs. Order = 2 xClusive Points P.S: You cannot redeem your Points if you have applied other coupon code on the order.

Do xCLusive Points have a validity period? / T&C

Yes, xCLusive Points are valid for 6 months from the date we credit them to your account. *You cannot use your rewards if you've applied another coupon on your order. *The conditions for earning and redeeming points can be changed by BiblioNepal.