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Alka Pande

Yoga and Kama: The Acrobatics of Love

Yoga and Kama: The Acrobatics of Love

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‘Yoga is the science of ultimate balance—between dharma (duty, or “right living”), artha (economic well-being), kama (erotic desire) and moksha (enlightenment or liberation)… Sexual satisfaction is thus essential for a full and healthy experience of life. The most visible manifestations of yoga are physical poses or asanas and these were the easiest to depict. Hence the profusion in India’s pre-modern sculpture and art of people engaged in a variety of sexual acts, the positions inspired directly by yoga asanas.’

A leading authority on India’s art and erotic traditions brings us images of lovers in yogic or yoga-inspired poses—for mindful pleasure, extended bliss, or passionate excess—and ranging from the stunningly gymnastic to the delightfully over-the-top. With a brilliant introduction explaining the connection between yoga and kama, this book of art is as exquisite as it is unusual.

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