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J.A.K. Thomson (Translator)

The Nicomachean Ethics

The Nicomachean Ethics


ISBN: 9780140449495

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The Nicomachean Ethics, translated by J.A.K. Thomson, is a cornerstone of Western philosophy, tackling the fundamental question: what is the good life? Written by Aristotle, the ancient Greek thinker, it explores the concept of happiness and how to achieve it.

Aristotle argues happiness isn't fleeting pleasure, but a state of flourishing reached through living virtuously. He identifies two types of virtue: intellectual, attained through learning and reason, and moral, cultivated through habit and practice. The book delves into various virtues like courage, temperance, and justice, explaining how they shape our character and guide our actions toward the good life.

Here's why you should read The Nicomachean Ethics:

  • Foundations of Ethics: This book lays the groundwork for Western ethical thought, providing a framework for understanding morality and good decision-making.
  • Practical Guide: While theoretical, Aristotle offers practical guidance on developing virtuous habits and navigating complex situations.
  • Timeless Wisdom: Though written centuries ago, the themes of happiness, virtue, and living a meaningful life remain relevant today.
  • Understanding Ourselves: By exploring virtue, you gain insights into your own character and how to become a better person.
  • Western Intellectual History: Grasping Aristotle's ideas is crucial to understanding the development of Western philosophy and its lasting influence on our world.
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