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Gordy Bal

The New Millionaire's Playbook

The New Millionaire's Playbook


ISBN: 9788119554409

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Shift from thoughtlessness to thoughtfulness and reclaim your abundant future, with Gordy Bal, founder of the Conscious Thought Revolution.

Imagine a life where your measurement of success is impact, not money. Health is wealth, and financial abundance flows as you live your purpose. With this new mindset, you begin to play the most magnificent game of life. You get to enjoy the glorious experience of being alive on this amazing planet at this precise moment in human history. Your time is your own, your relationships are harmonious, and you feel a sense of peace. You are moving mountains with little or no effort.

Gordy Bal, co-founder of the impact-focused venture capital firm Conscious Thought Revolution, invites you on a journey to create a life where everything is possible and you are able to manifest your reality on your terms. To guide and inspire you to unlock your innate power to think your own thoughts and create your own beliefs, Gordy presents seven keys to help you:

~ Unplug from the Matrix
~ Discover your purpose
~ Measure your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being
~ Find your ultimate mission
~ Build resilience, resources, and relationships
~ Become a wealthy spiritual warrior
~ Expand your consciousness

Inside of you, you already have everything you need to tap into your unique purpose and unapologetically live your life with freedom, purpose, and abundance. With these essential tools, you will be able to take ownership of your thoughts for a decisively fulfilling future.

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