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Helen Hoang

Nominee for Best Romance (2021)

The Heart Principle

The Heart Principle



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Burned out violinist Anna Sun finds her world turned upside down. A viral video brings unexpected success but also crippling anxiety. To top it off, her long-term boyfriend proposes an open relationship. Feeling hurt and rebellious, Anna seeks solace in one-night stands. Enter Quan Diep, a tattooed motorcycle rider with a surprising aversion to casual flings. Quan, on the autism spectrum, craves genuine connection, something he finds blossoming with Anna. Despite their initial plan for a simple encounter, their undeniable chemistry leads them down a path of deeper exploration.

However, their budding relationship faces challenges. Anna grapples with the aftermath of her breakup and the weight of familial expectations. Can she learn to embrace vulnerability and prioritize her own happiness?

Here's why you should read The Heart Principle:

  • Fresh take on romance: This isn't your typical light and fluffy romance. It tackles real-life issues like burnout, grief, and navigating relationships on the autism spectrum.
  • Compelling characters: Anna and Quan are both well-developed and relatable. You'll root for them as they overcome their individual struggles.
  • Emotional depth: The story explores a range of emotions, from humor and sweetness to heartbreak and self-discovery.
  • Honest portrayal of autism: Hoang portrays Quan's autism spectrum experience with sensitivity and understanding.
  • Second chance at love: The novel beautifully depicts how love can bloom in unexpected places and at unexpected times.
  • Uplifting message: Ultimately, The Heart Principle is a story about self-acceptance, following your heart, and finding the courage to fight for what matters most.
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