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Tim I Gurung

The Gorkha Grief

The Gorkha Grief


ISBN: 9788119670314

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The Gorkha Grief by Tim I Gurung is a 2024 release exploring the historical and emotional weight borne by the Gurkhas, a Nepali ethnic group known for their prowess as soldiers. Here's a breakdown of what the book delves into:

Unearthing the Gorkha Grief

  • The book explores the reasons behind the profound sense of grief Gurung refers to as the Gorkha Grief. This grief stems from a long history of Gurkha service in foreign armies, particularly the British Army.
  • Gurung examines the sacrifices made by Gurkha soldiers, often far from their homeland and families.

Historical Context

  • The book likely provides historical context about the Gurkhas' recruitment into the British Army, which began in the 18th century and continues today.
  • It might explore the role Gurkhas played in various conflicts throughout history, highlighting their bravery and loyalty.

Emotional Impact

  • The Gorkha Grief goes beyond just historical events. It delves into the emotional toll on Gurkha soldiers and their families due to separation, injury, and loss.
  • The book might explore the social and economic realities faced by Gurkhas in Nepal, perhaps questioning if enough is being done to support them.

Unanswered Questions

  • Gurung intends to bring light to unresolved issues. The book might raise questions about responsibility and potential avenues for healing this collective grief.

Why You Should Read This Book

  • Understanding a Legacy: The Gorkha Grief offers a deeper understanding of the Gurkhas' history and the sacrifices they've made.
  • Human Cost of War: The book sheds light on the human cost of war, moving beyond the battlefield narratives.
  • A Call to Action: Gurung's exploration might serve as a call to action, prompting reflection on how best to support Gurkha soldiers and their families.
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