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André Aciman

The Gentleman From Peru

The Gentleman From Peru


ISBN: 9780571385119

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Absolutely! André Aciman's latest novella, The Gentleman From Peru is a dazzling summer story that takes place on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.


Here's a quick description of the novel:

The story follows a group of eight American college friends in their late twenties who find themselves stranded on the Amalfi Coast after their hired vessel develops mechanical problems. While enjoying the unexpected luxurious stay at a hotel, they become captivated by a mysterious guest - a dapper, bespectacled gentleman in his sixties who sits on the veranda each night smoking a cigarette, always one or two. The friends' curiosity leads them to befriend the gentleman, who introduces himself as Raúl.

As they get to know Raúl, they discover he possesses an uncanny ability to heal and a strange wisdom that seems to go beyond his years. Raúl becomes particularly drawn to one member of the group, a young woman named Margot, and shares a life-changing story with her that challenges their understanding of love, fate, and past lives.

Here are some reasons you should pick up The Gentleman From Peru:

  • A beautifully written story of love and self-discovery: Aciman's prose is known for its lyricism and emotional depth, and this novella is no exception. He weaves a captivating tale of love that transcends time and circumstance.
  • Elements of magic realism: The story incorporates elements of magic realism, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, which adds a layer of intrigue and wonder to the narrative.
  • Exploration of past lives and soulmates: The novella explores the concept of soulmates and the possibility of past lives, offering a unique perspective on love and connection.
  • A quick and captivating read: With its concise length of around 176 pages, The Gentleman From Peru is a perfect read for anyone looking for a beautiful and thought-provoking story that they can finish in a sitting.
  • A companion piece to Call Me By Your Name: Fans of Aciman's earlier work, particularly Call Me By Your Name, will find thematic similarities and a similar evocative writing style in "The Gentleman From Peru."
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