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Christopher Hibbert

The French Revolution

The French Revolution


ISBN: 9780140049459

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Christopher Hibbert's book, The French Revolution, is considered a concise and engaging account of this pivotal moment in European history. Here's a breakdown of the book:


  • Charts the French Revolution from its beginnings in 1789 to the rise of Napoleon a decade later.
  • Focuses on the key events and people that shaped the revolution's course.
  • Written in a lucid and accessible style, making it a great introduction for general readers.

Key Points

  • Focus on Dramatic Events: The book delves into the major upheavals of the revolution, such as the storming of the Bastille, the execution of King Louis XVI, and the Reign of Terror.
  • People's Revolution: Rather than just focusing on ideologies, Hibbert sheds light on the experiences of ordinary people who were caught in the revolution's throes.
  • Compelling Narrative: The book reads like a fast-paced historical drama, keeping you engrossed in the story's twists and turns.

Why Read This Book

  • Gain a Clear Understanding: If you're new to learning about the French Revolution, this book provides a well-structured and informative overview.
  • Vivid Descriptions: Hibbert's writing brings the revolution to life, allowing you to visualize the events and understand the motivations of the people involved.
  • Balanced Perspective: The book avoids getting bogged down in complex philosophical debates, offering a balanced view of the revolution's causes and consequences.
  • Springboard for Further Exploration: The French Revolution can serve as a springboard for further exploration of this fascinating period in history.

In Conclusion

Christopher Hibbert's The French Revolution is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to gain a comprehensive and engaging understanding of this defining moment in world history.

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