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Harish Bhat

The Curious Marketer: Expeditions in Branding and Consumer Behaviour

The Curious Marketer: Expeditions in Branding and Consumer Behaviour

ISBN: 9780143456513

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'Out of curiosity comes everything'-Steve Jobs

From Apple to Tata Tea, many leading brands have their roots in curiosity. The desire to know more often leads to new ideas and perspectives; for a marketer, inquisitiveness shapes the way one looks at products and their branding. In his new book, Harish Bhat presents some of his most popular columns, which first appeared in The Hindu BusinessLine, exploring more than fifty products, places, people, books and publicity campaigns that excite him as a marketer.
From brand marketing using aliens and flying saucers to going big with a delicious local product (banana chips or coconut water), from the interesting concept behind multicoloured socks to the metamorphosis of the Diwali shopper, Bhat touches on fascinating areas that marketers are targeting today.

Immensely topical, this is a pleasurable read that will be of great interest to general readers, as well as students and professionals working in the colourful area of marketing.
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