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Emmuska Orczy

The Case of Miss Elliott

The Case of Miss Elliott

ISBN: 9781782275336

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Every crime has its perpetrator, and every puzzle its solution.

In the corner of the ABC teashop on Norfolk Street, Polly Burton of the Evening Observer sets down her morning paper, filled with news of the latest outrages, and eagerly waits for her mysterious acquaintance to begin. For no matter how ghastly or confounding the crime, or how fiendishly tangled the plot, the Teahouse Detective can invariably find the solution without leaving the comfort of his café seat.

What did happen that tragic night to Miss Elliott? Who knows the truth about the stolen Black Diamonds? And what sinister workings are behind the curious disappearance of Count Collini?

The police may be baffled, but rare is the mystery that eludes the brilliant Teahouse Detective.
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