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Lorie Eve Dechar

The Alchemy of Inner Work

The Alchemy of Inner Work


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Alchemy is the science of transformation?how to change one thing into something else. In The Alchemy of Inner Work, Dechar and Fox examine how illness, suffering, and dis-ease?the ?lead? of our lives?can become the ?gold? of our authentic selves, and the key to good health and well-being.

Drawing on traditional Chinese medicine, Eastern and Western alchemical traditions, Kabbalah, and Jungian psychology?plus case studies from working with patients?the authors provide hands-on insights for bringing ?the soul of medicine? back into our lives.

The book includes:

A simple introduction to the ancient practices and principles alchemy How the alchemical model offers a profoundly new path to true health and well-being An array of practices for removing the barriers that block our own healing energy An invitation to alchemical ?dream work? as a support on the path of healing

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