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Tao - the Pathless Path

Tao - the Pathless Path

ISBN: 9788176212205

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Osho says, Tao is the greatest possible ideal for man, but there is no guided path to it. There is no technique to Tao; Tao is nature. In this book, Osho examines Taoism through stories, parables and life and teachings of Lieh Tzu.
“Tao is a process of unconditioning. Ordinary religions hypnotize your mind. Tao is a process of de-hypnosis.”
“It is not a question of what Lieh Tzu is saying, it is a question of what Lieh Tzu is – the simplicity, the humbleness, the meekness of the person, the innocence of the person.”
“Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness.” – HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA
Osho has been described by The Sunday Times in London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day in India as one of the ten people – along with Gandhi, Nehru and Buddha – who have changed the destiny of India.

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