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Maj Gen Purna B. Silwal (Retd)

Nepal's Instability Conundrum

Nepal's Instability Conundrum


ISBN: 9789937091442

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Nepal has experienced a vicious cycle of political instability since the 1950s, which has become a new normal. This book examines the instability conundrum through five drivers: founding philosophy, national interests and threats, domestic political culture, civil-military relations, state response to armed insurgencies, and interest and Nepal strategies of external powers. General Silwal unearths numerous unknowns and puts together relevant facts and trends to support his assumptions and analysis. His vast military experience and higher education at home and abroad enabled him to view the country's problems from different angles and put them into perspective.

Nepal experienced almost all political systems, but none of them provided sustained stability and desired economic progress. Its underlying reasons and intricacies are cross-examined and discussed in the book. The domestic political feud in different forms and manifestations, odd civil-military relations, armed insurgencies, and external meddling attributed to protracted political instability and security vulnerability.

Multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy collapsed in just one-and-half decade as it failed to maintain political stability and control the Maoist insurgency. The federal democratic republic has also been entangled in instability. Hence, the domestic situation made the country weaker to protect its national interests. The author argues that there can be no political stability and development in the country without having charismatic leadership, stability within political parties, and civilian control over the army. And, the "Prithivian Trinity" is an ideal scenario for it.
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