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Siddhi B. Ranjitkar

Kumari: Multifaceted Living Goddess (The Source of Supreme Power)

Kumari: Multifaceted Living Goddess (The Source of Supreme Power)

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Kaumari Puja, the tradition to worship young girls dates back much longer. There is evidence of virgin worship taking place in Nepal for more than 2,300 years. It appears to have taken hold in Nepal in the 6th century. There is written evidence describing the selection, ornamentation, and worship of the Kumari dating from the 13th century CE.


Siddhi B. Ranjitkar is an engineer-economist. He had worked in different sectors including foreign development agencies in Nepal. He had served as the first executive director of Town Development Fund in 1989. He has been writing articles on political, economic and cultural aspects of Nepal. Development Efforts in Nepal (1996), Kumari, the Virgin Goddess (1996, 2nd edition in 2002), Mahabharata: A Story About Love and Revenge (2002), Obstacles in Economic Development of Nepal (2018) are the books written by Ranjitkar.

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