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Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh On Women, Sex, Love And Lust

Khushwant Singh On Women, Sex, Love And Lust


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Are you a fan of Khushwant Singh's works? Or are you simply looking for a meaningful read? Then Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love And Lust is the book for you! The volume is a collection of some of Khushwant Singh's best works on these topics and has been published by Hay House.

This novel is a compilation of the author's writings and presents his liberal views on women, love, sex and lust. Each topic in the book has been masterfully written. This book will appeal to anyone who is interested in finding out answers to some of the deepest, and yet unanswered questions. The chapters give reasons and explain every solution in an innovative and informative way. The author puts forward his interpretation on whether it was love that came first or lust. He also speaks about arranged marriage, virginity and celibacy. In this book, the author researches and analyzes the minute differences between obscenity, erotica, and pornography. He goes into humanity's ancient past and gives a description of sex as Chaturbhani described it from the era 200-350-B.C.

One of the most credible features of this book is that the author was writing about problems such as 'Gender-Divide' even before it was brought to the attention of the people by the media. Once you start reading the chapters, you will get to see the feminist side of the author that resides within him. The book is loaded with poems, proverbs and myths of Indian and Western origins. The book is written in a style that blends humour and information together. It is comprehensive and easy to follow.

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