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Ana Huang

If We Ever Meet Again

If We Ever Meet Again


ISBN: 9780349438337

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In Ana Huang's steamy romance novel, If We Ever Meet Again, opposites clash and undeniable passion ignites. Farrah, an aspiring interior designer with a heart full of romantic dreams, finds herself captivated by the cynical and brooding Blake, a former football star who scoffs at the idea of love. Their paths collide when circumstances force them to live together for a year. Initially, their differences lead to constant friction. Farrah's optimism clashes with Blake's cynicism, and their personalities spark hilarious banter. Yet, beneath the surface, a connection simmers.

This captivating story will draw you in for several reasons:

  1. Enemies-to-lovers with a twist: While Farrah and Blake start off as rivals, their forced proximity allows them to see each other in a new light. The witty banter and gradual shift from annoyance to affection is a delightful journey.

  2. Character growth: Both Farrah and Blake embark on journeys of self-discovery. Farrah learns that love can exist outside of fairytales, while Blake confronts his past and guarded heart.

  3. Steamy slow burn: The tension between Farrah and Blake builds steadily, making the eventual payoff all the more satisfying.

  4. Emotional depth: Despite the lighthearted banter, the novel explores deeper themes of trust, vulnerability, and overcoming personal challenges.

  5. Dual perspective: The story unfolds from both Farrah and Blake's perspectives, allowing you to understand their motivations and desires.

  6. Satisfying conclusion (for book 1): If We Ever Meet Again is the first part of a duet, but it offers a complete story arc with a satisfying conclusion, leaving you eager to dive into the sequel.

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