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Ana Huang

If The Sun Never Sets

If The Sun Never Sets


ISBN: 9780349438344

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If the Sun Never Sets by Ana Huang is the second book in the If Love duet, picking up five years after the events of If We Ever Meet Again. Here's what you can expect:

  • Genre: Steamy Second-Chance Romance [18+ due to mature content]
  • Main Characters: Farrah, an established interior designer, and Blake, a successful businessman, both harboring past hurts.
  • Plot: Fate throws Farrah and Blake back together when Blake becomes her first major client. Old feelings resurface, forcing them to confront the past and decide if their love can be rekindled.

This sequel dives deeper into the emotional journey of Farrah and Blake:

  • Second chance with a groveling hero: Blake regrets his past mistakes and is determined to win Farrah back. Expect plenty of groveling and heartfelt apologies.
  • Emotional baggage and angst: Both characters carry emotional baggage from the first book, leading to angst and internal struggles as they navigate their rekindled feelings.
  • Steamy reconnection: The undeniable chemistry between Farrah and Blake explodes once again, with even steamier encounters than the first book.
  • Healing and forgiveness: A core theme is the power of healing and forgiveness, as Farrah and Blake work through their past hurts to build a stronger future together.
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