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Leil Lowndes

How to Make Anyone Like You: Proven Ways To Become A People Magnet

How to Make Anyone Like You: Proven Ways To Become A People Magnet

ISBN: 9780008387051

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From internationally renowned relationships expert Leil Lowndes comes this easy-to-read blend of tips, tricks and advice to charm anyone. This is the ultimate guide to the art of charming everyone you meet.

Ever wanted to enter a room full of strangers and leave with new friends? Or find the key to being Miss Popular or Mr Charming?

With bestselling author and renowned life coach Leil Lowndes, you can.

In this compelling and entertaining book, she reveals the psychology behind mingling and even how to attract a love interest from the other side of the room, as well as uncovering tools for building a network and support system of friends. You’ll learn how to:

• Have a confident conversation with anyone, anywhere
• Enjoy a party, even when the room is full of strangers
• Make your outward appearance reflect your best self
• Find romance, kindle the flames and make it last
• Discover the unique qualities that make you a people magnet

You don’t have to travel far to find friends or love. Simply open your eyes, look around and see each stranger as a friend or lover you haven’t met yet!

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