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Shan-Tang Tsu

Feng Shui for Relationships: The Yin and Yang of love

Feng Shui for Relationships: The Yin and Yang of love

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Love, the Force that shapes the entire universe, is a process of dynamic balance of Yin and Yang energies. The interaction of Yin and Yang is not an abstraction; it is the experience of love in all its forms. The author has combined his knowledge of traditional Feng Shui and Taoist philosophy in this simple, direct guide to healthy and harmonious relationships.

As Feng Shui gains popularity, many people have discovered that working with these ancient techniques manifests love and abundance in their lives. This book goes beyond the basics, showing you how to use

Taoist and Feng Shui principles in all areas of your life to attract lasting love and happiness:

Attune your home to Feng Shui and create a positive energy flow

Improve your romantic relationships with the wisdom of Eastern Spirituality

Follow cosmic rhythms described by both Chinese and Western astrologers

Explore the relationship between body, mind, and the subtle energy known as qi

The principle of Yin and Yang represents the polarity, balance, and equilibrium found in nature. Practising the philosophies and techniques presented in this unique book will help create this balance in your life. Once you attune yourself and your space to the flow of universal energies, you make room in your home and in your heart for the loving relationship youêve been waiting for.

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