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Neelesh Misra

End of the Line: The Story of the Killing of the Royals in Nepal

End of the Line: The Story of the Killing of the Royals in Nepal

ISBN: 9780143027850

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The shocking events in the royal palace in Kathmandu on 1 June 2001 left an entire nation bewildered and angry. Neelesh Misra, who covered the tragedy for The Associated Press, offers for the first time the true story behind the massacre. Portrayed in the book is the developing family drama, which culminated in the killings on 1 June 2001. Besides revealing the inside drama, the book traces the sequence of events on that black Friday and answers questions that have puzzled people since. Revealed is the fact that Crown Prince Dipendra had, in any case, decided to marry his beloved, Devyani Rana, regardless of parental opposition. Highlighted too is the bizarre series of omissions on that evening when an entire royal family was wiped out in the close vicinity of its elite guardsmen. An exclusive interview with 'Prachanda', the dreaded leader of the Maoist insurgents. A profile of the reclusive new king. Eight-page photo insert.
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