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Bibek Debroy

Brahmanda Purana

Brahmanda Purana


ISBN: 9780143465294

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The Brahmanda Purana, translated and annotated by Bibek Debroy, is a fascinating window into ancient Hindu mythology and cosmology. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

Content and Significance

  • Part of the 18 Puranas, a vast collection of Hindu scriptures.
  • Relatively early composition, dating back to around 400-600 BCE.
  • Focuses on Brahma, the creator god in the Hindu trinity.
  • Explores themes of creation, cosmology, geography, lineages of sages, and rituals.

Debroy's Translation

  • Presented in two volumes.
  • Offers a scholarly translation from the original Sanskrit.
  • Includes annotations to explain complex concepts and references.

Why Read Debroy's Brahmanda Purana

  • Explore Hindu Origins: Gain insight into the foundational beliefs and narratives of Hinduism.
  • Delve into Ancient Cosmology: Discover how Hindus envisioned the universe's creation and structure.
  • Learn about Brahma: Deepen your understanding of this crucial deity in the Hindu pantheon.
  • Access a Renowned Scholar's Work: Benefit from Bibek Debroy's expertise in translating and interpreting ancient Indian texts.
  • Appreciate Rich Mythology: Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and legends of the Puranas.
  • Broaden Your Religious Knowledge: The Brahmanda Purana offers valuable knowledge for anyone interested in Hinduism or comparative religion.
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