Reviving the Renaissance spirit in 21st century

There's a center of gravity, system, or homeostasis that needs to be discussed. Yes, it's an education system where we believe we learn useful stuff. Methodology and epistemic foundation of its industrialized bureaucracy has not always been conducive to develop our curiosity for learning.

Schooling can be stressful. Some of the stress is real. How do I know it? Because I'm part of the system. I sympathize with people that are in this game. It's a harsh game to play, trust me. It's imprinted in our DNA, that neurotic desire among us to attain academic excellence. So, we have to accept not to resist this reality. And there's no point fighting, criticizing, ranting against, or even demolishing it.

I've seen people go into elite science or engineering schools. Before they went to school, one can see them beaming with excitement. Their infantile energy or possibility to learn is noteworthy. They go like I'm following my passion, gonna study hard, grasp all hard math and science, doing all nerdy stuff, then I'll be on top of the game. When they enter school, phenomena happens. Weeks or months or even years gone passed. Initial energy and excitement they had are completely gone, deconstructed demoralized or at the very least disappeared. So where do they go astray? They followed some framework but ended up with their passion slaughtered.

What's going on you might think. Truth is, education is predominantly displacing our joy of learning. We get reduced to numbers, statistics, scaling, competition, and mere objects. We get objectified, compared with other students, subjected to a vast sea of comparisons. Think of a dinosaur in a room displacing all our space how to think, how to become curious, investigate how else could we read the books like we want, to revive the joy of learning. But this mind space is being cramped up by the notion of pursuing to outperform. Learning is no longer an authentic activity.

Now, let's be honest with ourselves. All the crap we learn in school is not useful. It doesn't tell us how to manage, maintain a positive relationship, how to self educate, manage our finance, how to master our emotions, give us the importance of meditation, accumulating life experiences, teach business concepts, some of the profound concepts in psychology - personal development, self-actualization. All the critical pillars we need to live a good life are not taught. If the school can displace dinosaur in the room, teach useful stuff, it's conducive to living but more I play with concepts, I realize most concepts I learn is not useful.

There's a problem in the frame of education, some sort of glitch in a matrix, something feels wrong about it. Common assumption students do when entering school is if u do well in our classes, achieve good grades, this will set us off well for life. So this tendency to base our entire life assets - our self-worth, self-identity, self-narrative, this orgy of getting into a better university, a dominant discourse happening in formal education towards that race doesn't matter in the end, however.

We are now left with an interesting question unanswered: how do we intelligently navigate through obstacles, constraints to regain sort of ancient Greek value, latent childish curiosity once lost. How do we become authentically motivated to learn, become sort of auto-didactic that has learning skills? Most importantly, we want to answer what's the foundation for self-education. Not just some way to regurgitate formulas and do a bunch of physics problem, or recite a bunch of poetry without actually knowing how to understand a poem.

The critical thing we need is how to focus, develop the mental capacity to face catastrophes, how to develop a strong psyche, how to develop a rigid and strong character. All these things are not found in school, in peers around you. You couldn't even ask anybody about this not even to your parents.

So I ask you all to take on the burden of self-education., pull against gravity, push dinosaur out of the room to allocate some room, so you can read a little more. Invest some extra time and resources into buying some books. All things need to be done independently given the system is not conducive.

The reason why we are losing the joy of learning is not an accident. All of us are losing the authentic passion to learn. So, this is a plea, a call to action. Take the responsibility to educate yourself to read books that you actually ought to read: Priorities reading. I'm not talking about throwing school work away. We are still in the 21st-century system. Discipline yourself to read 30 minutes every day of a subject that you care about.

How about sacrificing video games so that you can pursue some passion that you have liked: photography, technology coding, etcetera. To get that other thing, you have lost in the way. How about taking the personal responsibility of reading the books about supreme concepts that you need to live a good life that can help you down the road. Some of the timeless principles, in wealth, personal success, in emotional mastery. "Because the school won't teach these things ".

Take action upon principles that I've learned, take measures on things that you have learned in school. If you've not meditated before, attend a 7 days meditation retreat. In the end, you have to bite the dust. If you've never done anything before, try it out. You haven't exercised, go for a run; without being constricted by a higher voice or dinosaur in the room.

By all costs, revive the joy for learning, the renaissance spirit, polymath spirit. Be a self-taught man, self-learned genius. Maintain the curiosity through the entirety of your schooling career whilst intelligently navigating through the sort of laboriousness within the system. View the labors at school as an act of character building. Don't throw school stuff, that's not practical or conducive to your personal growth. Integrate self-education into the mix, so you have this entire shebang of curiosity, self-education, character building, reading timeless education from philosophy, and self-help from psychology. Integrate everything. Then turn yourself into a modern polymath.

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